The New Google Ads Update That Could Change Your Ad Game

Digital marketers know how we live and breathe by Google Ads. After all, over 2 million searches per minute means millions of opportunities for our precious ads to reach eyeballs. And so far, Google has done a decent job of providing a user-friendly ...Read Post

Jamaal Jones

Jamaal’s extensive experience both in senior management and the automotive industry make him a perfect fit for his leading position on our sales team. He uses his marketing savvy gleaned from a Florida State degree to develop, coordinate, and imple...Read Post

Katie Taylor

Katie is a recent Auburn University graduate (War Eagle!) with a Professional and Public Writing degree. This girl’s got a passion for writing, so she’s living the dream crafting content pieces, social media posts, and all things wordy for the di...Read Post

Mike Fogleman

Mike is an experienced marketing pro with over a decade of experience working with big-name retailers. If you need an expert in media planning, analytics, or account management who’s also dedicated and adaptable, Mike’s your guy. He enjoys spendi...Read Post