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At Local Marketing, Inc., you get an entire marketing and web development team dedicated to your business. From content writers to graphic designers to PHP developers, every team member at Local Marketing, Inc. is involved every step of the way. Our in-office staff is committed to team collaboration to ensure all challenges and projects are met head on from every angle.

Get your business found with our team at Local Marketing, Inc. and watch your clients, patients and customer base grow. Together we will plan and create a customized digital marketing strategy to suit your business’s unique needs and requirements.

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Rounded headshot of Puneet

Puneet Mehta

CEO & Founder

Puneet’s unique and localized approach to marketing inspired the foundation of Local Marketing, Inc. With 15+ years of marketing experience, starting in the e-commerce space with companies like Art.com, Puneet’s insightful strategies have helped LMi succeed. Puneet, who is originally from India, earned his MBA from The Wake Forest University School of Business. In his spare time, he enjoys contributing to Forbes Magazine with insight any entrepreneur can appreciate.

Rounded headshot of Michele

Michele Fontanelli Arnett


Michele, with 15+ years of experience, heads up the Atlanta office, leading all digital marketing strategies to help clients achieve a positive ROI. She received her B.A. in English from Emory University and her MBA from Georgia State University. When she’s not working, Michele enjoys spending time with her husband and two rescue pugs, running, reading, baking, listening to 80s music, and following the latest fashion trends.

Rounded close up headshot of Heidi McIvor

Heidi McIvor-Allen

Director of Automotive Marketing

With 10 years of experience, Heidi leads both sides of our automotive team: project management and sales. Heidi has a strong background integrating digital into your current marketing. With international experience and a strong marketing background, Heidi can help take your digital marketing to the next level. Outside of work, you can find Heidi playing volleyball, taking photos, volunteering and enjoying being newly married to JP (who is on the morning show of Star 94.1).

Rounded headshot of staff member Emiliano

Emiliano Borzelli

Front-End Developer

With 8-10 years of experience under his belt, Emiliano helps create beautiful, functional and cutting-edge websites for our clients. A native of Rome, Italy, Emiliano spends his free time exploring Atlanta with his wife, playing soccer, and pretending to jog around Piedmont Park.

Rounded headshot of staff member Elijah

Elijah Black

Project Manager

With a background in film and writing, Elijah uses his creativity and attention to detail to his clients’ benefit for SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. When he’s not working, he likes to hike, binge-watch TV shows, try new recipes, and play with his cats – although not at the same time.

Rounded headshot of staff member Ozzy

Ozzy Diaz

Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer

As part of the LMI team, Ozzy is a renaissance man who handles web and traditional design, performs custom front-end web development, and writes and translates Spanish-language content for our clients. He loves the outdoors and owns two horses named D and Jelly.

Rounded headshot of staff member Cait

Cait Daniels

PPC Specialist & Junior Project Manager

Cait has a background in writing, literature, and communications. She handles content, social media, SEO, SEM, and more. Cait is LMi’s resident bodyguard as she spends most of her free time training in boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. She also likes to read, go to breweries, and skydive.

Rounded headshot of staff member Greg

Greg Bianchini

Marketing Advisor

With a background in finance and marketing from the State University of New York at Albany, Greg assists the LMI sales team with talent acquisition and all things sales. When he’s not in the office, he enjoys diving into a good Tim Ferriss or Ryan Holiday book at a local coffee shop.


Rounded headshot of staff member Madison

Madison Tubb

Content Writer / Junior Project Manager

With a background in Journalism from GSU, Madison began to develop her writing talent from crafting columns, blogs, and reviews. Before she dived into a digital-marketing career, she decided to pursue her passion for cooking at Le Cordon Bleu with a focus in patisserie and baking. In her free time, Madison enjoys playing with her cat, Lola Belle, and loves to find new Atlanta food spots.

Rounded headshot of staff member Katie

Katie Holcomb

Content Writer

Katie is a Chicago native and Clemson graduate with a degree in English/Communications. She has a background in content editing and is one of our busiest content writers. She writes the equivalent of a website and a week’s worth of social media every day! During her spare time, you will find Katie eating tons of Mexican food and being active with her dog, Hampton.

Rounded headshot of staff member Fola

Fola Orokunle


With nearly 10 years of Recruiting and Customer Management experience, Fola uses his skillset to help LMi grow in both volume and culture. As a recent transplant from Chicago, Fola spends his free time exploring Atlanta, annoying his fiancée by reciting Shakespearean soliloquies, and spending all his other free time feverishly preparing for impending fatherhood.

Rounded headshot of staff member Jennifer

Jennifer Arthurs

Content Writer

Jennifer brings a new perspective to the LMi team as Content Writer with her background in education, journalism and automotive dealerships. She has a degree from Valdosta State and a second degree in Journalism from Georgia Southern. Outside of the office, she spends her time working on her novel and livestreaming games with friends.

Rounded headshot of staff member Leo

Leo Nellessen

Sales Manager

Leo leads the Sales and Partnership teams at LMi, leveraging over 15 years of successful Sales & Marketing experience. Through a client focused & consultative approach, he and his team help match each new client with a team of Digital Marketing experts who work with them to meet and exceed their marketing goals. He earned his B.S. in Marketing and Organizational Communication from the University of Wisconsin and is a loyal WI Badger & Green Bay Packer fan. Outside of the office, his favorite things to do include hanging out with his family and pretty much every outdoor sport & activity that exists.

Rounded headshot of staff member Kelsey

Kelsey O’Manion

Content Writer

Kelsey received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and English from Georgia State University, and has an extensive background in copywriting, journalism, and editing. In her free time, Kelsey loves spending time with her two dogs, going on backpacking treks, and gardening. She also loves to read and drink a ridiculous amount of coffee.

Rounded headshot of staff member Justin

Justin Johnson

Marketing Advisor

Justin was born in Okinawa, Japan to a U.S. Air Force family. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in Marketing, he relocated to Atlanta. He has worked in sales & marketing for fortune 500 companies, community event management, and artist development before finding his place here at LMi. When he’s not in the office you may hear him serenading the city with his acoustic or bass guitar.

Rounded picture of official office dog Fitz holding an LMi coozy

Fitz McIvor Allen

Mood Lifter / Break Master / Office Dog

If you have ever worked for a company that allows you to bring your pets into the office, you know why we LOVE having Fitz — aka Mr. President, aka the Fitzer — here at LMi. When Fitz first arrives to the office with his mom, Heidi, he makes his rounds greeting all the employees, then makes his way to his office (his mom’s office) where there is a water dish, toys and treats. If you ever need a break during the day, Fitz is right there to cheer you up! The LMi office is a brighter place when he comes to visit us.

Chad Fofana

Marketing Advisor

Chad, Marketing Advisor at LMi, has a background in technology and global sales. He received his degree from Georgia State University, an Atlanta university known for its business and marketing programs. When he’s not in the office, he enjoys working on mobile apps and different business ideas. Chad likes fantasy sports, makes excellent pancakes, and eats Chick-fil-A three times a week. Fun fact: he’s been to every World Cup since 1998!

Angela Allen

Marketing Advisor

Angela, one of the Marketing Advisors, has extensive experience in sales and finance. How much experience? Fifteen years to be exact! She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Internet Marketing and has since made it a career for herself. She loves to shop, loves pizza, and loves traveling the world. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 6-year-old son and curling up with a great book!

Natalia Rodriguez

Director of Internet Marketing

Natalia, Director of Internet Marketing at LMi, is an Atlanta, GA native. She is an alumna of Emory University, is certified in Project Management from Georgia State University, and is AdWords & Analytics certified. She is currently studying for her PMP exam to further her experience. She loves all things Atlanta, especially the Falcons and the Atlanta United (she’s a founding member). She has a beautiful 13-year-old pug named Lila (her baby). In her free time, Natalia likes to travel and volunteer at the Atlanta Humane Society.

Matt Winters

Marketing Advisor

Matt has 17 years of sales experience, specializing in marketing and IT sales, and is a Marketing Advisor here at LMi. He is happily married with two wonderful sons, is classically trained as a chef, and is a 9-year Air National Guard Vet. When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his family and cooking up delicious meals!

Anuj Thakkar

Marketing Advisor

Anuj, alumnus of Valdosta State University, earned his BBA in Business Marketing. He’s a Marketing Advisor at LMi with about three years of experience in the digital marketing space. He started in the field by selling marketing software directly after college and believes that Digital Marketing is the future of marketing! In his free time, Anuj enjoys playing golf, watching football & basketball, and he loves to eat (especially pizza).